I feel like gulliver…with the Zoom people

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I feel like Gulliver……

I’m spending lots of time looking at people who are between 5cm and 10cm tall – it depends how many of them have come to look at me. And they’re flat of course – and sometimes their mouths move but no sound comes out of them. When that happens, other small people nearby wave around at them until the original one adopts a sheepish look – then they fiddle with something I can’t see and then sound comes out of their mouths.

The Zoom people are my people now of course – as they are for so many of us. I’ve changed my mind about the Zoom people and have come to realise how wrong I was about them a few months ago. A few months ago, I thought it was impossible for Zoom people to show emotion, to listen closely and to support each other meaningfully. Other people told me you could only run dull information sessions with the Zoom people. But now I know they were wrong.

I’ve found that with careful planning, the Zoom people can work together considerately and with focus. They can consider difficult ideas and express diverse views. They can still make commitments to each other and see each other as they do it – and then come together again to hold each other accountable.

It’s true you need to think about how to keep Zoom people interested. Asking them to vote in polls, or drawing on a whiteboard, or having smaller conversations are all ways to mix things up. All of these things help Zoom people develop in the same ways other big people used to develop. It’s a bit different to be sure – but I’ve come to realise the Zoom people are here to stay – and it’s my job to be creative to ensure they continue to develop – and be brilliant.



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