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Is There a Shadow Side to Humble Leadership?

Humble leadership – it used to be very on trend.  I first came across it when it seemed like everyone was reading ‘Good to Great’ ...
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Why am I ugly crying at the TV? Neuroscience and Empathy: Why We Can Share Feelings with Others

Have you ever felt like you could feel the emotions someone else was experiencing, even though you weren't going through what they were?   People who ...
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your brain is wired for threat

Your brain is wired for threat – can you do anything about it?

This is the message I remember from listening to Dr David Rock, founder of the Neuroleadership Institute which is dedicated to understanding how what is ...
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Feedback can be like a punch in the face – what can we learn from neuroscience to make this less painful?

It was the concept of feedback that triggered my interest in neuroscience and NeuroLeadership a few years ago.   I had read that hearing the sentence, ...
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It’s the relationships, stupid…

It was in Bill Clinton’s presidential race in 1992, when the phrase, ‘it’s the economy, stupid’ – was coined. It was one of three core messages ...
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Are you being productive – or kidding yourself?

A few months ago I wrote about hybrid working, and how organisations had better be getting ready. Time has moved on, and I wanted to share ...
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keep calm and carry on

Unintended Consequences of your Stiff Upper Lip

The Unintended Consequences of your Stiff Upper Lip For any of us who support people, listen to them, encourage them and help them develop, it ...
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rainbow ripples

I came out – and then I went back in

It’s Pride Month. I’ve not told this story before – so… I came out when I was 14 – well, I got found out really. ...
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dormant dog

Languishing…or just dormant?

I posted this month about ‘languishing’ – or a feeling of ‘blah’. An article in the NY Times had described what it called, ‘the middle ...
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