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Hybrid working – organisations have a lot to think about

So, the debate about hybrid working is now well and truly ON. By which I mean that conversation in organisations which accepts that for many, ...
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Can we talk about the R word? (resilience)

Our word, resilience, come from the Latin verb for “to leap back”. This sounds familiar – and when you ask people to talk about how ...
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One brain – 3 emotional systems

“Your brain is wired for threat – it’s always on, always scanning and so it’s hardly surprising that you’re on edge.” My memory will almost ...
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New Year…New workouts…

It’s January 2021. You might be one of the millions looking in the mirror promising yourself you’ll work harder in the gym. Except you can't ...
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Virtual development – this much I have learnt in 2020…

It is March 2020. I am having breakfast in a Glasgow hotel with a colleague. We are three days into a four-day stint of delivering ...
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Purpose seems to be the hardest word

Everyone’s talking about purpose. I talk about purpose a lot – usually with teams and individuals. But not so much about my purpose. But the ...
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I feel like gulliver…with the Zoom people

I feel like Gulliver…... I’m spending lots of time looking at people who are between 5cm and 10cm tall – it depends how many of ...
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What is the leadership challenge when the team you lead are all at home?

What is the leadership challenge when the team you lead are all at home? The Covid-19 climate is one in which leaders in different contexts ...
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barney the cockapoo

Barney, Mad Men and Behaviour Change

(Orignially Published on LinkedIn – February 4, 2020) How can I connect Barney, my 4-month-old cockapoo puppy – to Aesop’s Fables, Mad Men and approaches ...
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